What Is Halisan™


What Causes Bad Breath?

Bad breath occurs as a result of sulfurs that are produced by anaerobic or “bad’ bacteria. The gases produced are called volatile sulfur compounds or (VSC’s). VSC’s are responsible for breath odor and are also associated with the gingivitis and periodontal disease. When gingivitis advances, it often leads to the bone loss and periodontal disease, which is one of the major causes of tooth loss in adults. Occasional bad breath caused by foods such as garlic and onions, are easily helped by using products to neutralize VSC’s. However, 90% of chronic bad breath is non-food related and is more difficult to control. Clinical studies have shown, that where there are high levels of VSC’s, gingivitis and/or periodontal breakdown are often present. The majority of mouth rinses on the market contain alcohol that may reduce the bad breath odor however the effects are only temporary. Alcohol has a drying effect on oral tissue, creating a breeding ground for bacterial growth, allowing the odor to return stronger and worse than before. Alcohol products also indiscriminately destroy bacteria, eliminating both the bad and the good bacteria.

What is Halisan?

Recognizing the need for a new technology Dr. Rudy Saldamando developed the SmilePro Mouth Rinse with Halisan and BreathPro Breath Spray with Halisan, two revolutionary new tools for treating chronic and occasional halitosis that do not contain alcohol. The products include the anti cavity agent cetylpyridinium chloride to specifically target the bacteria and VSC’s responsible for odor while nourishing the beneficial bacteria. The salivary glands are activated with an additional flow of healthy saliva, which is beneficial in flushing out cavity causing bacteria as well as re-mineralizing tooth enamel. This revolutionary formula is found exclusively in the new Dr. Rudy Product line of oral care products.

"There was a clear need for a radically different treatment in the fight against chronic halitosis and occasional bad breath. Many patients, including business professionals and celebrities, were coming to me looking for a ‘cure’, explains Dr. Saldamando. After years of research utilizing many of the dental world’s top minds, we developed a line of oral care products which has proven to decrease the level of Volatile Sulfur Compounds, the gases known to cause bad breath."