Smile Around The World


Clinically proven to prevent cavities, freshen breath, and enhance whiter teeth, we are committed to improving the world's overall physical health through our buy one - give one program. Every time you purchase a Dr. Rudy product, one is given away to someone less fortunate. That is what our Smile Around the World program is all about;our commitment; our passion; our pledge. Imagine a world where consumers look for a "Compassionate Consumption" seal on the things they buy ― a simple logo or symbol that says the company behind that product actively supports the community it serves. Dr. Rudy is passionate about this.

If a consumer purchases a product or uses a service with the "Compassionate Consumption" seal, the transaction has a multiplier effect. The consumer receives a high-quality product while meeting the needs of people in distant countries, who can help their neighbors in turn. Traditional consumption depletes limited resources and widens the cultural chasm between the "have's" and "have-not's" of our world. But Compassionate Consumption unleashes an amazing amount of human potential for good.

A Corporate Pledge

  • We give radically, live passionately, and create lives of impact, influence, success, and significance for every one of our employees, clients and patients.
  • We will help ordinary people make an extraordinary impact on their world.
  • We focus on T3 principles in the conduct of our business. We teach our employees, customers, and investors to give their Time, Talent, and Treasure to improve the communities we serve.