About Us

Dr Rudy products

Our Story

More than two dozen years ago we started on the journey of research and development that led to creation of Dr. Rudy Products. We believed that existing formulations containing alcohol could be challenged. We also believed there are newer and better ways of formulating daily use oral care products. So we have made alcohol free dental care products that can help you deal with most dental problems in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Our Mission

We believe in a future that improves upon the past. With tooth decay and dental diseases among today’s leading health issues related to whole body wellness, our goal is to provide effective solutions to your dental care problems that would help you retain your smile and function for years.

Why Choose Us?

Prevention of Cavities: Our dental products help you to prevent cavities. This puts the odds in your favor to help prevent an infectious disease that affects 97% of the planet.

Helps keep destructive bacteria in check: Our product range would assist you to reduce the amount of bad bacteria (Anaerobes) and enhance the growth of good bacteria (Aerobes). We insist our products taste good so that you will make them part of your healthy choices.

Offers Fresh Breath: Tired of covering your mouth due to bad breath issues? Try our products and have a fresh and sweet smelling breath. Instantly neutralize odor and maintain freshness.

Help your Megawatt Smile: Want to add more charm to your personality? Use our products to bleach your enamel and take away sticky bio film and stains.

Safe Ingredients: Our products don't contain any amount of alcohol, fluoride or sugar.

Great taste: Do you like to keep away from dental products and solutions that taste like medicine? Well, try our product range and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Budget Matters: All our products are reasonably priced. This is the one reason why most of our customers and patients are repeat users.

High Quality Guaranteed: No matter which of our products you choose, it would be composed by using only high quality ingredients and be sealed so that you won’t be worried about the leakage issues.

We care about Quality: No matter which of our products you choose, we strive to use the highest quality ingredients for efficacy and safety.

Backed by Expertise: All our products are backed by the expertise of decades of world research and Dr. Rudy’s professional experience. You can trust that these are products that Dr. Rudy uses for his patients in his Beverly Hills practice.